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We view investment in therapy as an investment in YOU—and a critical support that allows you to navigate all areas of your life with more presence, capacity and engagement.

We understand and appreciate, that talking about money may bring up conflicted feelings and experiences; we hold space for all of them! And still allow for a conversation that honors both your needs as a client, cultivating a space for subsidized community support and our needs as workers.  

Our full fees range from $135-250.  To ensure equitable access, all of our therapists provide sliding scale fees.   

Our sliding scale is based on operating costs, paying our clinicians a fair wage and continuing to offer our services with integrity and longevity. We talk about it here so that we can talk about when we’re in the room together, honestly and openly. 

We do not verify income in order to receive sliding scale fees.  We encourage you to pay nearest to the full fees as you are able, with the recognition that fees are also used to subsidize access for those with less financial capacity.

We are not in-network with any insurance companies, and will work with you to navigate Out-of-Network reimbursement, if available under your insurance plan.

We accept payments via cash and credit/debit cards.

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