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I believe that people are driven by a need to connect with others, and that we grow and develop in the context of our social environment. I also believe that the body holds infinite amounts of information and insight, and it benefits us to nurture this connection. I am deeply passionate about supporting people in establishing a positive connection to their bodies and feeling empowered by their minds. 

By virtue of us both showing up, being present, and participating in the therapeutic process, there is potential for growth. You are the best expert on yourself and I am here to learn about your experiences and how you show up in the world. I recognize that life is complex and the problems that show up in our lives require unique and creative solutions. Together we will work together to collaboratively come up with solutions in order to face life’s present, past, and future challenges. I hope to create room for compassion, healing and cultivating awareness; while also, leaving room for offering respectful challenges. 

My approach is based in trauma informed and client-centered practices, with a social justice lens. I am a trained yoga teacher and offer movement-based and mindfulness-based interventions when appropriate.

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