Isabel Baylor, LMSW

Personal, cultural, and societal narratives greatly influence who we are, how we show up, and what we believe. None of us exists in a vacuum and I believe there is value in examining how the impacts of oppression affect people’s mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health. 

I am a queer, Black bi-racial woman, and was born & raised in Boston, MA. I have lived in Brooklyn since 2014 and feel grateful to this city that has provided a space for learning and unlearning. As a therapist and social worker, I’m passionate about helping people find ways to truly appreciate and care for themselves. I am here to learn about you and be curious about your stories and experiences. I believe mindful attention to the physical experience can provide insight and space for empathy, when words are hard to conjure. I hope to create room for compassion, healing and cultivating awareness. 

My approach is influenced by psychodynamic theory and anti-oppressive and trauma informed practices. I intentionally prioritize the healing and work of BIPOC folks, queer folks and people in non-traditional relationship dynamics. I work with clients dealing with a wide variety of concerns. Such concerns include trauma, depression, anxiety, family dynamics, self-esteem, identity and stress.