Kareem Hewitt, LMSW

You are just as important to your communities as your communities are to you. This framework grounds the work I do in the therapy room. Western concepts of therapy have historically enforced individualism as the ideal way of life. However, I believe that understanding who you are, as both an individual and community member, makes space for your more wholesome and expansive narrative.

I am a Black Trans* Queer person of African and Caribbean diasporas who is a social worker, therapist, dancer, and artist. I incorporate history and culture into my actively anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and trauma centered therapeutic practices. My work with clients focuses on being present with emotions, navigating individual and collective traumas, reconnecting to your physical body, and empowering healing and joy.

I am intentional in my work with to create a brave space for BIPOC and Queer+ folks. Though I understand that we many navigate life collaboratively, you still navigate your life through your own social and emotional world.

I hope our work together can assist you in taking up space, and being your most authentic and liberated self.