Kikelomo Ogunfowora, LMSW MPH

I believe we all deserve affirming care in a space where we can reach the fullest expression of  ourselves. As a queer, cis/Black woman and a child of Diasporic experience, I know how the weight of intersecting identities impact our growth and sense of self. I hold that we rarely get the opportunity to tell our story on our terms and that healing begins when we are able to do so.

Within the safety of our relationship, I encourage you to rediscover yourself as we form your narrative. Together we will question the different aspects of your development while paying special attention to the social environment. 

I approach therapy as a collaborative process built on exploration and understanding. In our work together, there is potential for realization and creative resolution when we both show up courageously and honestly. I am passionate about building therapeutic relationships rooted in empathy, consciousness, and respect. 

My practice is eclectic and draws on psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral theories. In addition to clinical practice, I research the public etiology of depression and anxiety.