Orlando Solorza, LMSW

headshot of Orlando, a light-skinned man with dark hair with a blond streak in front. Orlando is wearing a cowl next grey sweater with a burgundy button shirt under it. He smiles to camera.

My therapy approach is rooted in exploring the narratives that guide your life, identities, and the systems that you interact with. Together we explore how to harness these identities to create moments of healing. As a queer, Puerto Rican, cisman, I understand the importance of having a safe space to feel heard, validated and challenged.  I believe the relationship between the therapist and individual provides a unique opportunity for co-narrating a healing process.

My mission in therapy is to provide a supportive, validating and empowering space to explore what comes up and how to work through obstacles. As a therapist, I hold the same space for you to explore the experiences in your life, how to utilize your internal resources and create a path to wellness. I incorporate a variety of tools including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral techniques and affirming practices. My work has helped with individuals managing anxiety depression, and trauma. I provide therapy in both Spanish & English.