Ren Lee, LMSW

Ren Lee

I believe in community care, liberation, growth, joy, healing, and justice. We live within various systems and institutions that impact how we navigate our lives in relation to each other. I am here to invite and support you in exploring connections to yourself, your communities, and the world around you.

I am a queer, trans/nonbinary (they/he/佢 pronouns), neurodivergent, polyamorous, 2nd generation Chinese-American. My experiences and work are shaped by my identities, how I create and sustain joy, and community. I find it incredibly fulfilling to continuously build relationships through empathy, curiosity, and compassion.

My approach is rooted in liberation and relational work through anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and decolonizing lens, and includes modalities such as psychodynamics, somatic work, narrative therapy, and mindfulness. I am passionate about working with intersectional identities of race, gender, sexuality, and disability and focus around issues of grief and loss, trauma, transitions, and relationships (including non-traditional ones such as polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, etc.).