Vanessa B. Miller, LMSW

My clinical interests are driven by my Jamaican identity and the views around gender and sexual orientation that I was raised to believe. I wanted to know how these views came to be, how they shifted depending on diasporic location, and to what extent internalized anti Blackness played a role in the formulation of these politics. Hence, my identities have shaped my clinical interests because I know first hand the effects of oppression and the subsequent resilience that it takes to survive. As a result, I’m deeply invested in seeing folks with intersecting identities thrive. 

My clinical style is a mixture of mindfulness, relational work, art therapy, spirituality, and somatic based interventions. In the clinical space I see myself as a reflection, a container, a vessel of hope and transformation. I also experience myself as an inquisitive, open minded, compassionate, and humorous person. Additionally, I strongly believe in a strength based approach to my practice that amplifies resilience and healing in the face of challenges. My practice is centered in the belief that people should have the opportunity to not just live, cope, or survive but also to thrive in their magic.