Amanda Mays, LCSW

I have had the great fortune to work within multiple communities and contexts throughout my career, and have always centered my work in empowering folks in marginalized communities.  Each of these experiences, and the individuals who have graciously shared their struggles, pain as well as triumphs and resilience, deeply inform the textured and holistic space that we create together. 

I am active and engaged—and use curiosity, authenticity, and, at times, humor, to honor and elevate your lived experiences and creates space where we can explore the complexity of relationships and systems that shape how you understand yourself, ways that you relationship with others, and ways you navigate limitations within the social environment.

I leverage the relationship between us to explore patterns and dynamics, as well as support you in developing concrete skills and frameworks that addresses and helps you to manage experiences of trauma, grief/loss, anxiety and depression.  I emphasize the exploration and development of affirmative identity formation, where we create empowerment and acceptance of your full humanness.

I also teach at NYU’s Silver School of Social work and provide clinical supervision for clinicians of color and those in the LGBTQIA+ community.