We are accepting new clients residing in New York and New Jersey and provide all services via our HIPAA-compliant video system during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

We strive to hold space where you are seen, heard and challenged to explore and process your lived experiences, and how they connect to patterns of self dialogue as well as connections with others.  We emphasize the power of relationships and integrate structures that allow for skill development and ways to increase life choices and opportunities.

Long Term Services


an opportunity to explore and deepen your relationship with yourself, and engage in reflection on self dialogue, held beliefs, and behavioral patterns.


an opportunity to explore and understand communication and intimacy between two or more individuals.  This can include intimate and romantic relationships, chosen and origin family members, and others in your closer circle of community.


an opportunity to create clarity of expectations and roles, within partnerships.  This work is designed to be goal specific, and have a shorter term duration.  This may include professional, artistic and social justice collaborations. 

If interested, please email: info@mcmcollab.com


Queer Island(s): A Group for Queer BIPOC in the Caribbean Community: Through this therapy group, we will use peer connection to help piece together our stories and learn to work with all of the associated emotions. We’re currently accepting applicants who are part of the Caribbean
community and can commit to attending at least ten sessions. Please fill out the following interest form: https://bit.ly/3ifnXSX

Queer Haven: a weekly ongoing support group for queer and transpeople of color who are looking to be a part of a care network, explore their own relationship to queerness, and process life
experiences in a supportive space. Some topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to; belonging, relationships and intimacy, gender identity and expression, and grief and loss. Please fill out an interest form: BIT.LY/QUEERHAVEN

Depression Support Group for QTPOC: Please fill out an interest form here.



Areas of Support:

Trans and Gender Identity Affirmation

Racial Identity Individual/Community Oppression

LGBTQIAA+ Individual/Community Affirmation


Grief and Loss

Complex Family Culture and Dynamics

Anxiety, Depression and Social Isolation

Professional and Educational Challenges