We center our practice in the relationship. The relationship we create when we enter the therapeutic space. The relationships we navigate in our daily life. The relationship with ourselves and with others. The relationship we have with the systems we engage in/with.

We center the welcoming of the fullness of our being and our experiences, bringing in all of ourselves to the work we create.  We center our work in taking the harm out of mental health and coupling it with well-being. Focusing not only the deficits that are experienced but also in the strength, resilience and joy that we find along the way.


Honesty & Transparency

We will be open and forthright in the work we do together.  Everything will be done with your full informed consent.

Active Partnership & Engagement

We will elevate your wisdom and innate strengths in our work together and be an ally in your healing journey.

Affirmation of Identities and Lived Experiences

We will fully acknowledge and embrace your holistic experiences and witness and hold the impact of structural oppression.

Care and Nurturance of Relationships and Community

We will honor and elevate healthy intimacy within your circles of community and provide space for developing deeper connections.