Bertram Johnson, LMSW, MDiv

I have spent the majority of my professional life offering a supportive presence to people journeying through life challenges and transitions – chronic illness, grief, physical and spiritual abuse, relationship transitions, as well as growth, healing, and transformation. As a queer, Black, man I am aware of the ways culture, community, and social context impact how we view ourselves and our ability to thrive in this current political and social reality. As a therapist I aspire to create a safe and welcoming place for you to share the truth of your experience and know that you are seen, valued, and accepted.

In my practice I hope to build a partnership with clients to learn about the change you seek for your life while uncovering together the strengths within, as well as providing therapeutic tools to help you find greater peace and fulfillment for yourself and relationships. My approach to therapy is grounded in achieving liberation and centering the experiences of all oppressed people and that begins with seeking greater mental wellness for ourselves.