Jordan Gaines, MFT-LP

Jordan is a medium brown Black woman with amber locs pulled back. She is wearing a colorful cardigan with a light lavender button up shirt under. She wears brown glasses and smiles brightly at the camera.

I believe in what bell hooks calls the love ethic which says everyone has the right to live fully and be well. I understand access to wellness as a necessity to a liberated life and a requirement for a just world.  Therapy is one of many ways that you can embark on the path to wellness. As a therapist, I aim to work collaboratively with you to prioritize the expertise of your lived experiences and facilitate a soft and honest place for you to land. As a Black woman, I understand the importance of relational connection and community care and the barriers that can keep us from accessing pleasure, so I use therapy as a tool to cultivate skills to maintain loving, liberating and pleasurable connections to self and others. 

I specialize in working with romantic partners, families, and individuals  experiencing transition, racialized trauma, sexual trauma, gender-based violence, and trauma resulting from experiencing oppression. I enjoy working with all kinds of families and partnerships including blended families, ethical non-monogamous partnerships and chosen families. I am a kink-conscious, sex positive therapist who can work with people with a variety of experiences and specializes in working with Black women and LGBTQ+ folks. 

As written by author Toni Cade Bambara, “wellness is no trifling matter and there’s a lot of weight when you’re well.” I aim to assist my clients in carrying that load by facilitating a space for them to show up fully, experience the full-range of themselves and explore all of their options to being who they want to be.