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Found Inspiration – Angela Davis

Found Inspiration is a series inspired by a prompt at the start of our meetings where we invite therapists to share an unconventional not explicitly therapy-related influence on their clinical practice. We’ve found that when your experiences aren’t reflected in academic settings and literature, and when you expand your understanding of mental health care beyond a medical model to one of healing, meaning-making and connection, you have to build your own canon.

MCM Collaborative founding partner, Taryn, celebrates the indomitable spirit and profound influence of Angela Davis on her life and clinical practice.

“Her unwavering commitment to justice, liberation and the possibility of a better world has profoundly shaped my political lens and approach to this work. From her groundbreaking work on prison abolition and a free Palestine, to her tireless activism for racial and gender equality, Angela Davis has illuminated a path toward collective healing that is loving and intersectional. She provides a blueprint for honoring the complexities of identity and lived experiences, recognizing the interconnectedness of social, political and psychological factors. And on top of all of this, I’m endless impressed by her commitment to learning and growing, watching her perspective evolve and refine as she gains more lived experience.”