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Check All That Apply – a support group exploring your diasporic experience

Check All That Apply is a support group for New York BIPOC who live outside of their historic homeland. We define homeland as the places you, your family or community came from before immigrating, migrating of being displaced. This group aims to provide a creative space for self-definition around all of the potential identities one can hold in the diaspora including multiethnic, multicultural or multiracial identities.

Check All that Apply will build a healing community to help us understand, name and process all of the nuance and contradiction stemming from the diasporic experience. We hope to use music, food and creative arts to help us define and explore what the hell it means to be part of a diaspora!

This group will be facilitated by Kike Ogunfowora, LMSW, Poorva Parashar & Jenny Kwon. The cost is $100/session; some insurance accepted and sliding scale available. Sign up via the interest form –